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    How can I create bell curve

    Yinglu Wang



      I have difficulty in creating bell curve to fit my chart.


      I have a calculated field: [compensation_bin]={ FIXED [Employee Identifier]: SUM([Total Compensation])}, and created a bin based on this calculated field.


      And I used the bin as x-axis and number of employees as y-axis. See below:

      Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 15.08.49.png


      Is there a way to generate the bell curve? I did some research online but it didn't work for me.


      I created another calculated field called Curve:

      (1 / ([St Dev] * SQRT(2*PI()))) *


      / (2*[St Dev]^2)))

      * 27000

      * TOTAL ([Number of Employees])


      But it didn't work for me.


      Any insight will be helpful!