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    Is there a way to Roll-Up the Filtered Values into their own Group?




      Using Tableau 2018.3 (or earlier versions) is there a way to roll-up values that are less than the filter that is put in place? For example, in the packaged workbook I have attached in this post, is in possible to show a row in the table that is a roll-up of all the people that have fewer than 5 Apples? So in this instance there would be a row in the table with its own name (like "Other") that is the sum of all the Apples and Oranges for the people who have fewer than 5 apples (so in this case would be 8 Apples and 10 Oranges). I would like this "Other" category to be dynamic so that it would change based on whatever the filter value is changed to by the viewer.



      Only 5 or Greater Apples.png


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!