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    Creating a weekday grid of classes

    Dana Ritter



      I'm using class data for a university and am hoping to create a graphical vision of classes for a dept in a weekday grid.  The concept would be something like this:




      The problem I started with is that the classes look like this in my datafile:



      Ok so through some trial and error I was able to split the meeting time field and work separately on the days of the week (R stands for Thursday.)  I created a reference table that I could join to so that a class with multiple days showed up multiple times:


      So Econ 2315 ends up repeating three times because it is on three different weekdays.  That solved one problem of being able to see a single row in each associated weekday. Pivoting on my new weekday field got me this:


      Great!  Kind of useful.  We have 4 classes that start at 8 AM each day of the week.  2 are on Mon/Wed/Thu and 2 are Tues/Fri.  Now I want to have a visualization that would look like a bar graph of some kind that starts at 8 for example and continues for the hour and 5 minutes it lasts.  (And yes my initial calculations of class length aren't accurate)


      I'm really lost on this par and looking for guidance.  I'm thinking maybe I need a separate axis on the right for end time?  Gantt chart?