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    Calculated field that will not be affected by a certain filter?

    Jenna DeVries

      Disclaimer: I am new to Tableau - especially to calculations. Apologies if this is a question that has been answered many times - I have been having trouble finding an answer even after a lot of Googling.

      I also cannot share this data as it is confidential.


      The basic question: How can I create a calculated field that is the same as another field - but will be unaffected when changing one specific filter?


      The details: I am working with survey data that has multiple groups/categories of questions (Likert scale).

      I am trying to compare average responses for each category over time - and I need to be able to filter by the program the respondent is a part of (this is data from a college).

      The problem comes in when I try to compare these averages to the overall average for each category on the same plot (all programs).

      Basically, I need two lines - both need to be affected when I filter by the category or date, but one needs to be unaffected when I filter by program.


      My assumption is that I need to somehow make a calculated field of my responses that will be fixed to include all programs regardless of what the filter is set to - then I can plot both on a dual axis. I realize I could be on the wrong track as well.

      Thank you in advance for any advice!