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    Counting registers

    Víctor Ramírez

      Hi everyone,


      I have a really basic database which includes client, activity, date, employee and price. I first counted clientes to know hoy many times a client does an specific activity. Once I get the result i get somethink like this:


      Peter   4

      Monika  5

      George  2

      Karen  4



      Then, I'd like to count how many times each number is got in order to create a percentage graphic where i can see the percentage of each number out of the total. Accordind to the example, I should these percentages:


      4   50%

      5   25%

      2   25%

      Any ideas to do it?



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          Víctor Ramírez

          Hi Deepak Rai! Thank you for your answer, it was really helpful. However, I still have a problem. Values ( 2, 4, 5) aren't a dimension, but they are the result of a counting. I mean, if I put everything on a table, it would be something like that:


          Activity    Name    Count


          Gym        Peter          4

                          Monika       5

                          George      2

                           Karen        4


          Pool       Peter           5

                         Monika       5

                         George       3

                         Karen          2


          What I get using your formula is gym = 50% and Pool = 50% (sum of each activity = 15, total is 30 so 50% each one). However, my goal is to get the percentage of the number. I mean:


          Activity      Number        %


          Gym               4               50%

                                 5               25%

                                 2               25%


          Pool               5                 50%

                                 3                25%

                                 2                25%


          I'd be really grateful if you could tell me when to do it.



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            Deepak Rai

            Hi Victor,

            I used LOD, and FIXED LOD can be used as Dimension. Since I don't have data like yours , I created this sample from Superstore . You can use my detailed explanation thing or Single LOD, both will give you same values.



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              Víctor Ramírez

              Thank you Deepak!! Problem solved

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                Deepak Rai

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