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    Re: Budget vs Actual, full outer blending two excel files

    Trisha Cornwell

      I have a similar issue. I have a software budget listing with 35 vendors in an excel spreadsheet by period. I then want to do a comparative against the actual data in our ERP. Depending which data source i drop "Vendor Name" from, i only get the data in that source and it is possible that there are vendors on each list not represented on the other.


      For example, i have Microsoft budgeted for January-Mar but the actuals don't show up until February. If I'm just looking at January, i want to show that i had $ budgeted without actuals. I can get that but I also have the inverse where say we had spend with ADOBE in our actuals but it wasn't showing in the budget. I cannot get both Microsoft and Adobe to show up. Data sets are


      Budget fields;

      VendorVendor NamePeriodME DateAmountType


      Actual fields are from multiple tables in our ERP system. (transactionally)


      Relationship Fields: Period and Vendor Name


      Example of data: