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    Dashboard URL Action - Trim

    Antoinette Naranjo



      I have a column in my crosstab data, Proj #, ex. 123456.  I would like to link to the Project website and have this for the URL.  The issue I realized is that the URL is made up of the PRJ SEQ NBR minus the first digit from the data.  So, for the actual URL it would be:





      Can I trim the first digit off the URL in the Dashboard Action to exclude that first digit?


      Thank you!

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Antoinette,


          Create a calculated field to only take the last 5 digits in the string:


          right(str([PRJ SEQUENCE NBR]),5)


          or use this MID(str([PRJ SEQUENCE NBR],),2) which will start from the second character and find the rest of the string.


          Then bring this calculated field into detail of your worksheet, and in your URL action use this new calculated field instead of the original PRJ SEQUENCE NBR field.





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