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    How to hide row labels on a dashboard but not on the worksheet.

    Sander Binda

      As the title says.


      Short explanation of my situation.

      I got 2x 5 worksheets, each worksheet contains 1 KPI.

      1x5 is on the productgroup level (2 productgroups) and 1x5 is on productlevel (10 products).

      I also got 2 dashboards, each dashboard contains 5 sheets of the same granularity level.

      I use the worksheets on the productlevel in the tooltip of productgrouplevel worksheets.

      So in the tooltip you need to see the row labels else you have no clue which numbers belong to which product.

      But in my dashboard on productlevel I want to hide the row label of 4 worksheets else I see every productname 5x.