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    Creating duplicate Rows?


      Is it possible to duplicate a row in Tableau?


      Right now, I have a dataset from a production tableau server, whose workflow I cannot modify - so I am stuck with a tableau server connection as my data source.


      I've tried methods like duplicating the data source connection (by right clicking on the data source and clicking Duplicate,) but I couldn't figure out how to Union these two duplicate data sources together.


      An example:


      Given 1,000 rows, I am trying to create a single duplicate for each row containing original row data. This would mean I would have 2,000 rows as of result.

      In a new column, I am also trying to mark the original row as "A" and the duplicate row as "B" to distinguish between the two duplicate rows.


      So given a row, that looks like this:




      I am trying to produce the following result (note the new column to distinguish between the two rows.




      I've tried googling this, but all results were about removing duplicate rows - not creating duplicate rows!


      Help is appreciated, thanks!