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    Filter by number of records - but detail marks getting in the way?


      I have made a map of survey responses, which is filter-able by Route and by Period (time of day).


      However, to make it statistically significant, I have been asked to show the map only if it has 50 or more records on it. So someone could check multiple routes or multiple periods and a filter would decide if there's enough records on the map.


      I looked through the community and tried:

      IF Sum([Number of Records]) > 50, Then "Show" Else "Filter" - this only brought in geometries with more than 50 individual responses, when I need the sum of all geometries to have 50 responses.

      WINDOW_SUM(Count([Number of Records])) - but I didn't know what else to do with this.


      I want each geometry to be separate so someone can hover each one and get information. I think that is preventing the sum to work well.


      See my attached fake dashboard and sheet. Thanks in advance.