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    Gantt Chart - Alert

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      We are using 10.5 version, I just tried to create alert for the Gantt chart this morning, but I got the error message ' Alert cannot be created for Gantt Chart'.


      Why? What is he technical reason behind this?


      I used Bullet Chart and again tried to create the alert for the 'Reference Line' (Measure) not for the Bar (Measure). But it looks like I can create Alerts for the Bar (axis) only.


      I must have to create alert for the 'Reference Line' ( which is nothing but 90% threshold limit cross) What should I do now ?


      Can I get some valuable help from here?



      Karthik M

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          Michael Gillespie

          Broadly speaking, you can only create an alert for something that changes over time.  Usually, reference lines are static, so there is nothing that Tableau can use as a trigger to send an alert.  (There is more to it than that, but that will do for this discussion.)


          It sounds like you're trying to do something like "send an alert when the value of this measure exceeds the value of this reference line".  Is that right?