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    Moving Calculation With Multiple Names/Dates

    Kevin Steenburg

      Hi everyone, I have a bit of a twofold challenge here.  I have performance based data (Performer, Date, Attempt Total, Success Total).  I want to compare each individual success rate (Success / Attempt per month), but because they started at different dates, I am normalizing their time period.  So I want to look at it as Month 1, Month 2,, Month 3....etc.  I want to also do the comparison as a 3 month moving average as a %. 


      What I have done:


      1) Created an Index() calculation --> Using Performer, Month of Date, at the Deepest Level, Restarting every performer, Sort Order by Date, Minimum

      2) Created a Success Rate field (Total Success by Performer/Attempts)

      3) Added the calculated field to my view, and edit the calculation to Moving Calculation --> Average Prev 2 Include Current --> Using Performer, Month of Date --> Sort Order by Date, Minimum


      This works properly when I filter to just one Performer.  However when I add other names, they look like they make sense but the person at the top of my list changes values for some reason.