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    Calculate the Sales Difference Between Year and Quarters

    Anandh V



      I have a scenario that i have a sales value for years 2015,2016,2017,2018Q1,2018Q2,2018Q3,2018Q4. Here i want find out the difference  of sales between 2017 with 2018Q1, 2017 with 2018Q2 likewise for all th 4qtrs in 2018.

      Suppose sales of  2017=5000

      for                     2018Q1=2000 so difference is 3000

      like that 2018Q2=4000 then differecne is 1000

      i want to calcualte all these difference of 2018 all the qtrs with previous years.


      i have attached the sample excel calcualtion and workbook as well please help me to get this done.