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    Support for Fiscal Calendar With Quarter Format as 4-4-5 and third month of Qtr has 35 days

    Amol Thite

      Hello All,

      I am not able to use awesome date functions for QTD/YTD/WTD etc and also can not use tableau date hierarchy function and trends and analytics options as our reporting is in fiscal calendar which uses 4-4-5 calendar (Starting FEB and ending in JAN) , the start date is not always FEB 1st but it can be 2nd or 3rd or sometime JAN 29 or JAN 30th. Every third month has 35 days and each quarter has 13 weeks however due to this 4-4-5 format , every few years (3-4) we have extra one week 53rd week of the year also comes in which need to be handled. we do have the fiscal time dimension in DB that can be joined to get Fiscal Qtr , Fiscal Year , Fiscal Month etc. for the simple reports  however these are calculated strings and I am not able to use tableau native functions YTD/QTD/MTD/QTD etc.

      If someone has worked on 4-4-5 calendar which does not always start on 1st of the month and  has any workaround applied , appreciate if you could help me on the same ! Thank you.