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    Plotting $ amounts to one date series, and another $ amounts to another date series on a single line graph


      Hi, I seem to cannot get this right.


      For context, I have a couple hundreds of thousands of records, each record in the following field format:


      Invoice IDAmount Billed
      Account ReceivableInvoice DateCollected AmountPast Due AmountDue Date20+ more fields tied to action filters


      The data input is coming from Alteryx, but I cannot modify Alteryx workflow. I have to work with the fields I have above.


      My task is to plot on a line graph where [Amount Billed] and [Account Receivable] is plotted along the [Invoice Date] x-axis, with $ amount as y-axis. Which is easy.


      Next, I have to plot on the line graph where [Collected Amount] and [Past Due Amount] along the [Due Date] x-axis, with $ amount as y-axis. Which is the result:



      Now if I try to combine the two graphs together using both date series as synchronized dual axis, each measure value got drawn twice because each measure value has two data series as described in the field format table above.




      Any ideas how to solve this? Your help is appreciated.


      I am trying to make it so that each of the 4 measure values have exactly one line, and 2 measure values are plotted against one time series, and the other 2 measures plotted against the other time series - as described earlier.


      Again, I cannot modify the Alteryx workflow, even if an easy solution is to have Alteryx duplicate rows for each time series.