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    How to calculate percentage difference without using quick calculations?

    Richa Maheshwari

      Hi Tableau enthusiasts,


      My data has Consumer Revenue numbers and I am trying to calculated the percentage growth of the rolling 12 months.



      Month & Year

      Consumer Revenue

      June 20172000
      July 20171500
      August 20172000
      September 20172000
      July 201810000
      August 201820000


      To derive the 1 year consumer revenue (rolling months), the formula i used is: WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Consumer Revenue]),-11,0)



      Month & Year

      Consumer Revenue

      1 Yr Consumer Revenue

      June 201720002000
      July 201715003500
      August 201720005500
      September 201720007500
      July 201810000150000
      August 201820000155000

      PS: 'xxxx' reflects hidden data from October 2017 to June 2018


      From the 1 Yr Consumer Revenue data, I want to find the percentage difference month on month of the 1 Yr Consumer revenue. I generally use quick calculations to find the percentage difference, but since this is a derived column, that option isn't there.


      Can someone help me how to go about with it?


      Thank you.