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    What is the best visualization(No Bullet Chart) to show 3 measures (MTD, Month end estimate and forecast for remaining month)?

    Rao P

      Hi All,


      I would like to show 3 measures in a visualization (other than a bullet chart) for the below table.

      At the start of the year, actual sales forecast will be calculated for each month. For example: Jan month actual sales forecast is 1000 and the month to date actual sales is 200 and I need to calculate : (1000-200)/ remaining no of days in the month and show it on the graph. Calculations are already there in my DB

      MonthMTD salesActual sales Forecast
      Calculated sales forecast per each day for remaining days of the month (Estimate)
      jan2001000((1000-200)/no of days left)


      We are not going to show more than two months in the Visualization. it is always and current month and previous month