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    Using table calculations - If there is no data in the previous period, then show no data, otherwise show increase/decrease/same

    Silvana Weinaug

      I am using table calculations with compute using a date called period to compare values between 2 different date periods. There is data for 2018 Q3 and 2018 Q4, but there is not data for 2018 Q2.

      I am trying to recreate the image below.

      1. When I compare 2018 Q4 with 2018 Q3 the icon should show “increase” – see image below
      2. But, when I compare 2018 Q3 with 2018 Q2 the icon should show “no data” – Because 2018 Q2 has a NULL value - see image below

      I need the 3 logics used in the label calculation – see image below. So, I tried to add an upper logic that says, if the previous value is null then “no data”. In other words, I tried to create an if inside another if (double if), but I was not successful. Any ideas?

      Thank you in advance,