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    Extract way bigger than a SQL query against the data source

    Rob Adams

      I get 3.6M rows against this query in DB2. When I create an extract it runs up to 16M+ rows before I cancel it. What am I missing? I have filters set to mimic the dates and the exclude flag from they query. Table A, Table B and then a left outer join to Table C. Thanks in advance!




      select count(*)

      from bay_bid b, bay_bid_line l

      left outer join  boss_bi_shipments s on l.orig_pod = s.orig_pod and l.dest_pod = s.dest_pod and l.EQP_TYPE_ID = s.EQP

      where b.bid_id = l.bid_id

      and timestamp(create_date) >= '20170101000000'

      and (lane_type is not null and rtrim(lane_type) > '')

      and s.SCHED_PICK_UP >= '20170101000000'

      --and customer  like '%Test%'

      and exclude_from_bi = 'N'