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    Secondary checkbox not showing in table calcuation

    Al Genin

      I've built a LTM table calculation (moving sum of 12 months) and I'm trying to build the YOY variance of the running sum.  From what I've read, I should be able to simply check a secondary calculation box, but I'm not seeing that option.  Any advice?


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          Hello AI,


          According to Table Calculation Types - Tableau


          Add Secondary Calculation


          With Running Total and Moving Calculation table calculations, you have the option to transform values twice to obtain the result you want—that is, to add a secondary table calculation on top of the primary table calculation. For example, you could add an initial table calculation to calculate the running total for sales per month within each individual year, and then a secondary calculation to calculate the year-over-year percent difference for each month from one year to the next.


          You are using the table calculation to get moving sum, but it's not using Tableau's "Moving Calculation".