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    Rank uisng two measures

    Swathi tab

      Hello Everyone

      Please find the attached workbook
      I created a Highlight Table
      The cell Background color is based on Rank for the Rate and Text color is based on the Rank of Denominator.

      Is there a way to Rank taking Rate and Denominator like averaging the two ranks.

      Thank You for your time.

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          Hello Swathi,


          Your idea of "averaging the tow ranks" sounds like a score to evaluate the providers.

          An average of two ranks gives a score, but eliminates information of individual ranks.

          Which is better depends on your purpose of analysis.


          It just comes to that, scatter might be viz alternative.


          I played a little with your data.


          This might look hazy at the first sight, but if your select and highlight from the color legend and shape legend, it's easy to see the rank position.