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    Encryption in Motion- between Tableau and Live Data Sources

    Nadia Saiyed

      Tableau Version 10.2.1

      envs: 3- dev, qa, and prod


      tableau sits on our internal network, in our data center, behind our firewall

      as do the data sources


      Our IT security is having us look into encrypting the communication between tableau and data sources (encryption in motion).

      I haven't had much luck with forums and research.


      This is what i've found so far:




      "All communications to the database are

      routed through these drivers. As such, configuring

      the driver to communicate on non-standard ports or

      provide transport encryption is part of the native driver



      However, since Tableau Server to Database

      communication is typically behind a firewall, most

      customers choose to not encrypt this communication


      Tableau only recommends encrypting the database

      transport layer when you have chosen to implement

      Tableau with database communications passing through

      the public internet."


      this is what i've concluded:

      • Our contacts at Tableau do not recommend Tableau to Data source/Database encryption
        • There may be some performance impact- this will need to be tested thoroughly
        • but it isnt necessary


      1. are my conclusions regarding tableau's position accurate?

      2. has anyone had to do this?

      3. what approach did you take for implementation?

      4. lastly, what does the enable SSL check box in Tableau Desktop allow/enable?