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    2 data sources, need to have them interact on dashboard


      Hi there,


      I have 2 data sources. Data source A is an excel file with a column title "Customer #"...it has about 16k unique customer #s. Data source B is a Tableau data source that also has the same Customer # field. My dashboard, up to this point, is all about data source A, but I'm wanting to build a couple of worksheets that I can only make with data source B - such as sales history. Then, I want my filters/actions on the rest of the dashboard to impact these worksheets from data source B. So for the sales history worksheet, when a user selects filters to a specific customer on the dashboard, I want this to filter the sales history sheet, as well.


      Any tips would be great, as I haven't worked with multiple data sources at the same time very much before this.



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          Michael Gillespie

          Completely do-able, Tadd.


          Start the easy way: create your 2 data sources independently.  Then, in a new worksheet, go to the menu item "Data", then "Edit relationships".


          It's very likely that ONE of those 2 data sources has the complete list of customer ID's.  Make that one Primary, and connect the 2nd data source as Secondary, using the Customer ID field.


          "OK" out of those dialogs, and go back to your worksheet.  You can now use fields from both sources in one viz.  Whichever source your pick your first field from when you build the viz BECOMES THE PRIMARY SOURCE - you'll see a blue check mark show up when you drag a field into the view.  In what is now the secondary source, you'll see a little chain link icon next to the Customer ID field.  It will be grey: click on it and it turns orange, which means your data sources are now BLENDED for that specific worksheet.  (That data source will also get an orange check mark next to it.)


          Now play around - you'll run into some funny behavior from time to time, but that should get you started.  Come back and ask more questions when that happens!