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    Tableau Workbook with Live Connections to Multiple sources not loading on Tableau Server

    Hammad Sheikh

      I have tables that I am joining as a union from multiple databases (Oracle DBs) into one workbook in the following format;


      SELECT rownum dual_KEY FROM dual

      WHERE rownum <= 10




      SELECT a.*, '1.0' db1_KEY FROM db1.table a

      ON dual_KEY = db1_KEY



      SELECT b.*, '2.0' db2_KEY FROM db2.table bON dual_KEY = db2_KEY


      The above query is set in the Tableau Desktop UI.

      I used iFNULL() to combine the fields from the different data sources into one.

      I was able to successfully create the report on Tableau Desktop.


      However, when I publish to Tableau server (2018.3.1) it keeps on loading until it times out.

      If I change the connection from live to extract and then publish to the server, then the extract refreshes without a hitch and the report loads fine too.


      May I please get some help figuring out why Tableau Server is not working with the live connection?
      Note: The report was working fine on Tableau Server 10.5 prior update to Tableau Server 2018.3.1.