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    How to get a calculated field not to return a null when referencing a .hyper file? (Ver 2018.3.0)

    Carmen Torres

      I have a simple calculation field that is returning a null value.   The field is titled [Hispanic Population] and the formula is as follows:


      IIF([Ethnicity]='HISPANIC/LATINO' , [Population], NULL)


      The field [Population] has either a value of "HISPANIC/LATINO" or "NON-HISPANIC/LATINO".  Each record has value for the [Population] field.


      When I place the [Hispanic Population] field on the view, it returns a null.  When I place the [Population] field on the view, it returns a value.


      The data source that I'm referencing is an extract (.hyper);  all research has indicatd that this is a problem when referencing an extract.


      Can someone tell me how I can get around this problem?  Thank you in advance.