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    Unable to Show ALL Columns in Bar Chart for Field Values with no count in Quarter

    Axel Kalbfleisch

      Hello All. I have an issue where I am trying to showing the count of survey responses group by their value (NULL-10) by quarter in a bar chart in order to show a distribution of the responses.


      The issues I am running into is if a bucket (NULL-10) does not have a count for a certain quarter is does not show up on the x-axis.


      I have tried doing Analysis-Table Layout-Show missing columns, adding context to the survey response field in filter but cannot seem to fix the problem.


      A screenshot below shows that in 18-Q1 the x-axis only shows Null and 2 for, as responses were only received in these buckets. I want is to show Null-10 no matter is there are any responses in these buckets.


      Example workbook of what I am trying to accomplish is attached.