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    Split Data - I have two partners under the same Site Name in DCM and I need to allocate 1/3 of data under one name and 2/3 under another name

    Shannon Moloney

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am trying to connect three data sources in Tableau: DCM, DoubleVerify, and Actualized Media Cost. DCM is my primary data source, with DV and the actualized media cost as secondary data sources. I have DCM and the actualized media cost at the placement level, however, I have the DV data only at the site level.


      Unfortunately, the way the campaign was set up in DCM, there are two partners (Health Reach and Everyday Health) under one Site Name (Everyday Health). At the placement level they are broken out so I made a calculated field in the DCM data source as follows:


      IF CONTAINS([Placement],"EverydayHealth") THEN "Everyday Health"

      ELSEIF CONTAINS([Placement],"HealthReach") THEN "Health Reach"


      This worked to connect the DCM data and the actualized media cost as both data sources are at the placement level; however, I am having trouble with the DoubleVerify data as the placements are rolled up and the data is only available at the site level. Therefore, I am unable to use the calculated field I used to split up the DCM data by the placement name. Because the DoubleVerify data is only at the site level, and there is not identifier to break out the data between the two partners.


      Although not the most accurate, I want to simply break out 1/3 of the data and allocate it to Everyday Health and the allocate the remaining 2/3 to Health Reach. Does anyone know how I can do this in Tableau!?