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    How to avoid automated format conversion when download workbook to cross-tab in tableau server

    Weixiang Wang

      Hello everyone,


      I have a workbook used to reconcile and manipulate mega data so that business users are able to customize the view, then download to crosstab from tableau server for further analysis.

      In the workbook, there is a column with text content such as 18E001, 18E002, 18E431. However, when user downloads the workbook from Server in form of crosstab. The text value 18E001 in file displays as 1.80E+02 which is converted to scientific notation.


      In workbook before download,


      In excel file after download,


      There is no such issue when export data directly from the desktop workbook. And tied using ATTR or STR function against 'dossier id', neither of them working.

      Does anyone have a solution or workaround in order to avoid such automated conversion? Attached partial dataset.


      Thanks a lot!