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    Tableau Hosted Solution Landing/Main Page

    Celso Lima

      We are in the process of implementing Tableau as a hosted solution with SAML authentication with a company called Helio Campus. The engineer assigned to work with us set up our environment in a way that when we go to the URL assigned to that service, we get automatically redirected to the IdP authentication page instead of a standard main page with a login button/link.


      I contacted the engineer about it stating that most of our hosted solutions had an initial page, and the guy got furious. The fellow pretty much rubbed in my face in an arrogant and ignorant way I didn't know anything about Tableau. He was the expert and knew what he was doing. I knew nothing! There was no way to have a front-end page like that with a hosted/SAML integration. He pretty much refused to talk about it.


      Do any of you guys with a hosted environment have your system set up like that? In a way that you cannot have a main page users go to and from there get to the authentication page?

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Celso,


          That sounds like an awful experience! Can you clarify, are you hoping to have a landing page presented to users, where they would need to click to authenticate to Tableau Server using your SAML provider? Or are you hoping to avoid having a landing page for users?


          When Tableau Server is set up for SAML, users who access your Tableau Server url will be automatically redirected to your SAML IdP without a landing page. This seamless sign in experience is one of the reasons many people choose to use SAML authentication.


          If you'd like to have a landing page, you could create and host a web page for your users to access, with a button that would take them on to Tableau Server - but it would need to be a page created and hosted outside of Tableau Server.


          I hope this helps! Please let me know if I did not understand your question, and I'll try again