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    Cohort analysis by frequency of Order

    Jan Rinza

      Hey forum,

      since a while I´m trying to solve a problem of mine, but I feel stuck so I wanted to ask you!

      I want to combine a cohort analysis with the frequency of the orders a person made. In detail what I want to have is a stacked bar chart that says if a person ordered in the given month how many orders of the same person have there been before . For example the bar for october says that 5 people ordered the first time 10 the second time 3 the third time and so on.

      My company is only selling one product so the product type/Item ID is not relevant.

      The formula (Berechnung 3 in the picture) for the cohort itself is:


      {FIXED [Row Item ID]: MIN([Order Timestamp])}  ---->  {FIXED [Customer ID]: MIN([Order Timestamp])}  --->  {FIXED [Customer ID]: MIN([Order Timestamp])}


      The Frequency(Frequenz 1 in the picture) formula is:


      { FIXED [Customer ID] : COUNTD([OrderID])}



      What I managed to do look like this, the top bar being the first order and the bottom bar fourth/fifth order.

      1. The color difference is really slight although I´v tried pretty much every color editing possibility, if you know how I can tell Tableau that 1 order equals blue, 2 orders equals green or what ever pleas tell me.

      2. The numbers on the bars doesent mirror our raw data at all, so a calculated field has to be wrong but I can´t find the error maybe one of you has the answer!


      I would be very gratefulif someone knows how to solve these problmes!


      Kind regards,




      Pleas excuse my sloppy EnglishI´m not a native speaker