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    How to return to parent dashboard and not inherit child dashboard dropdown values?

    Carmen Torres

      I have a parent dashboard that has two dropdowns.  When the navigate button is selected from the parent, the dropdown values are passed to the child dashboard (which is correct).  Now when I return to the parent dashboard from the child dashboard, what ever values are set in the child dashboard is being passed back to the parent dashboard.  How do I prevent the child dropdown values to be passed onto the parent dashboard?  I.e., how do I prevent the parent dashboard from inheriting the child's values?




      Parent dashboard passes NJSTATE dropdown value to child dashboard.

      From within the child dashboard, I can switch the NJSTATE value to PASTATE.

      Now when I return to the parent dashboard, I want the parent's dropdown to continue to have the initial (original) value of NJSTATE (not inherit the child's dropdown value).


      Thank you.