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    Tableau Server Record Performance

    Nadia Saiyed

      Server Version: 10.2.1

      three envs: dev, qa, and prod


      We are facing an intermittent problem related to performance recording in only our QA environment. 

      Upon adding the following to the end of a url it looks like performance data is collected.



      However, when the button to view the performance data is clicked an error is seen.

      The error is consistent. 

      "unable to connect to the data source.

      try connecting again.  if the problem persists, disconnect from the data source and contact the data source owner

      invalid database name value"


      the error is not regarding the data source of the actual report or dashboard.

      it is regarding the performance data.


      only way to recover is to restart services.

      and that only fixes things temporarily.


      i know we need to upgrade.

      we also plan to implement weekly maintenance to run at least the following:

      tabadmin stop
      tabadmin clearcache
      tabadmin cleanup
      tabadmin start


      has anyone run across this?

      is there anything else we can do in the meantime?

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