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    How do you create a visual that compares todays performance with last 7 day average?

    vernon Choong

      Hi All,


      First time posting here, so hope i'm doing it right!


      I've looked all over and can't quite find an answer to my specific situation.


      I have a graph that shows number of app_events by hours in a day.

      I want to have a secondary line which then displays the average performance of the last 'x' days.


      I have been able to create a measure for showing the latest days data which looks like :



      DATETRUNC('day',[Time Edit Timestamp (copy)]) = [Latest Date] -- (latest date being {MAX([Time Edit Timestamp])} )


      [Number of Records]



      So all I need now is to create a measure that gives me an average of a given amount of days.


      Any help would be much appreciated!