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    URL Picture Size on Tableau Server

    xi qy

      Hi Together,


      I have a question about the size of URL picture. I designed a dashboard that include a table and a URL. The table can be clicked and then link to some URL pictures. In Tableau desketop, those pictures can adjust size by themselves in one specific URL frame, however, when I uploaded this dashboard to Tableau server, the picture cannot adjust size by itself anymore. No metter how big the URL frame size in desketop dashboard, once you upload to server, the scroll bar always showing, and the size is always unfit. Users have to drag scroll bar to see the whole picture, which is extremly inconvenient and annoying. (Details as following screenshots)


      Thus, anyone have an idea or method to help solve this problem? Thans very much!


      Tableau Desketop Ver:



      Tableau Server Ver: