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    merging rows of Multiple excel files with same column

    Madhuri Mali

      Hi All,



      I've got 12 excel files for each month that have the exact same columns, they are just simply broken out by month.

      This is needed because the automated system can't handle too large of files.

      How to connect multiple excel files with same column and get data for single year.




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          Mahfooj Khan



          Option 1:

          Yes! You've to union your sources before that you need to consolidate all your excel files in a single workbook. Once done then connect the consolidated file and drag all other sheets on top of first sheet to union. If you don't want to consolidate then follow the other approach


          Option 2:

          Convert your excel files to .csv and put all 12 text files in a folder then connect any one csv file, tableau will automatically list down all the csv from your directory in Sheets sections. As you've mentioned data structure is identical then just drag other sources on top of connected source to union all the files. You may find several links and online help over net about union.


          Let us know if this help.



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