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    Pull data from embedded viz to fill HTML form based on map coordinate selection

    Pezri Herdiansyah



      i know that its possible to pull data value from embedded viz to populate HTML form, but it seems i cannot find answer specifically for my case. Also, im not a programmer so javascript and coding is not really my forte. Anyway, if i have a dashboard published to tableau server, and embedded it to local HTML file how can i get data value based on selection on my dashboard map? In the html page i have two html form (empty textbox) called "origin" and "destination", which will be filled based on click on one of the map coordinate.


      The scenario would be like when i click on the map coordinate for the 1st time it will fill the "origin" text box, and when i click again on another map coordinate the 2nd click will fill the "destination" text box. Note that the value expected on the text box should contain Longitude and Latitude value (for example : 103.541, 3.002). After both of the text box is filled, there is a "submit" button that will send both value (origin and destination) to php url to be processed further.


      I also attached file workbook sample using Superstore data and a screenshot of the whole HTML page that im trying to create. Any help with step by step instruction, concept understanding or even some sample code would help a lot!




      Thank You!