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    Help with WDC - Missing Password, works in simulator


      I build a WDC and it works perfectly on the Simulator, but I cannot get it to work inside of Tableau.

      I have been troubleshooting this for quite some time but I cannot figure it out.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Here is the Connector:



      And it's live at:



      Test Token:



      I am able to use it as expected with the Simulator - works as expected


      1. Go To Simulator:



      2. Enter the connector URL:



      3. Start Interactive Phase

      4. Click Get Data

      5. rocess is Aborted and Restarted in auth mode

      6. Token is entered (7419a34711c3b15b1d8793ef6221e2b080e6944c)

      7. Data is requested successfully



      Now when I go to tableau - does not enter auth mode


      1. Create a new connection, Select Web Data Connector

      2. Enter the connector URL:


      3. Click Get Data

      4. Tableau Error: Bad Connection: Missing Password


      Alternatively, if you start auth mode explicitly first it works as well.





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