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    Who's heard of a "stave graph" or "stave chart"?

    Carl Shuker

      Hi guys,


      We're looking at re-presenting a dartboard style presentation of comparative performance in a different format - what's been called a "stave chart". It takes the concentric bands of the dartboard format and presents them along a pathway - in our case, a patient pathway.


      A picture = a thousand words:


      We use Tableau to produce dartboards showing comparison of 20 organisations' performance (dots on the dartboard, as relative to a national mean, z scores, % of a given target etc) on several indicators, or segments of the pie. We want to spread those indicators/segments along a pathway, and show the same relative performance on multiple indicators that deal with part of a patient journey. In this example, antenatal care quality, perinatal, then postnatal.


      Does anyone have any experience producing stave charts in Tableau? We have some experienced users here but no one's done this type of work yet and we could use a steer.


      Thanks heaps for anyone who can help!