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    Linking map to related metric

    Michael Wallace



      For simplicity, on a dashboard I have two key metrics (revenue and profit for a selected region) and a map (or bar chart)


      I want to link the map (or bar chart) so that it updates according to the metric that is selected (so far so good - can be done using filter actions)


      But I actually want the map (or bar chart) to link to 'revenue per customer' and 'profit per customer'


      That is if I select the total revenue value, the map (or bar chart) will show revenue per customer, etc


      Any suggestions are much appreciated. I have now attached an illustrative example

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Michael,


          You can accomplish this with a parameter.  Create a string parameter (for this example, I'll call it "Metric Type") with two values: revenue per customer; and profit per customer.


          Then create a calculated field (ex: Metric Selector) like this:

          if [Metric Type] = "revenue per customer" then [revenue per customer] else [profit per customer] end


          Use this calculated field on the color shelf for your map.  Right click on the parameter and select "Show Parameter Control".  Then when you switch between values on the parameter, the color on the map will change.


          Here's more info on parameters:

          Create Parameters - Tableau




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            Michael Wallace

            Hi Paul


            Thanks for your thoughts. It is always hard to know how much info to provide without over-complicating things.


            In reality, there is not 2 metrics, there are 14 metrics on one-half of a dashboard (all numbers). Currently, I use 14 parameters to select from for the map (and bar chart), which is itself a parameter control. However, the user has to separately select the parameter. From a usability point of view there is a disconnect which the 'powers that be' will not tolerate.


            After I attached a much much much simpler version of the problem I had, I figured it out using a combo of a new calculated field and the filter action. Now for the challenge of extending this to the real dashboard ...