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    YTD with parameter of month type numeric

    Melany Torres

      Hi There!


      I´m trying to create a YTD calculation on my workbook, i have a parameter of month type numeric and i'm using it as a filter comparing with my field of month in my data source (also type numeric) so that according to the month selection, i must bring the accumulated of the year, in addition, in the section of columns I have a field with a function that shows the current year, with the formula : datepart ('year', Today ())



      So, for my YTD calculation i'm using this formula:


      IF YEAR(DATE(str([PERAA_R]))) = [AY]

      AND MONTH(date(str([PERMES_R])))<= MONTH(Date(Str([Mes])))






      The result of the formula gives 0 and I do not know what I'm doing wrong.

      I appreciate the help you can give me