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    Tableau Server "download data" gives wrong figure

    Mengzhou Xie



      I don't know if anyone has experienced the same/similar issue. I am working on Tableau Server version 10.1, and I noticed that the data downloaded via "Download" -> "Data" option is incorrect.

      I created a table below with monthly figures, and you can see clearly for 2018-10, it is -81k, the precise amount is ~80.7k.

      However, when I go to "Download" -> "Data", it shows the below... it looks like it was multiplied by 10,000,000,000...


      I have never encountered this issue before and I don't have this issue for 2018.x version with the exact same view.


      However, I have clients still accessing this old 10.1 version, so I need to make sure it gets corrected, but I have no clue how.


      Any help is appreciated!