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    Question about doing smoothing parameters such as lag terms

    Ada Vu

      I'm fairly new to Tableau and I want to find out if I could explicitly provide the smoothing parameters such as lag terms like 24 hour lag or weekly lag (168 hour lag).


      Basically, I would like an aggregation of weekdays and weekends separately. For example, so average hour 1 for Monday-Friday, hour2 for Monday-Friday, etc. and then repeat for weekends. I expect to have 24 hours x 12 months = 288 data points. I also want to put together a string to use for the x axis such as “Jan hr 1”, “Jan hr 2”, …, “Jan hr 24”, …, “Dec hr 24”. That way I would have two graphs, one for weekdays and one for weekends.


      Any tips on how I would approach that?