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    How do i use a running metric in a calculation?

    Richa Maheshwari

      Hi Tableau enthusiasts,


      My data has users (non-cumulative) numbers  and inactive users (cumulative) numbers. I am trying to find the churn rate here.



      Month & Year
      Users (Non-Cumulative)
      Inactive users (cumulative)
      June 20182000500
      July 20181500900
      August 201820001000
      September 201820002232


      To derive the users (cumulative) numbers, the formula i used is: RUNNING_SUM(SUM([User (Non-Cumulative)]))



      Month & Year
      Users (Non-Cumulative)
      User (Cumulative)
      Inactive users (cumulative)
      June 201820002000500
      July 201815003500900
      August 2018200055001000
      September 2018200075002232



      Then to find the churn rate ,i.e, how many users stopped using our service, the formula i keyed in is: [Inactive users (cumulative)]/[Users (cumulative)] The error for this formula says 'Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments with this function.'


      Can someone help me in using LOD expression to find the churn rate? Or suggest another way to approach this problem?


      Thank you.