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    Sorting Crime data VS Overtime by Violent/Non-Violent Crimes

    Nicholas Karamitsos

      Hello experts!


      I am wrapping up a semester-long project for my data analytics college course. We decided to visualize the trends between police overtime and crime occurrences. One of my teammates was already on here to get the data to join correctly (which you guys did perfectly).


      Currently, we are trying to sort the crimes by violent and non-violent; we re-cleaned the data and put that variable into the data source. Now when we click to filter the crime by Violent or Non-Violent, Tableau splits the overtime up with the crime type variable. We would like to keep the sum of overtime as a whole line graph overlay while splitting up the violent and nonviolent crimes into bars of the graph. So is there any way to keep the overtime from splitting up by crime type?


      We also have the latitude and longitude values of the where the crime was reported at, same with the district and ward. Is there any way to get these to appear on a map in Tableau?


      I have attached the packaged workbook and the main sheet I'm referring to is the last one in the workbook, labeled "2015 Crime Type Sorting- NEEDS FIX".


      The Tableau version is 2018.3.0


      Thank you in advance! I know you experts are truly experts at what you do.