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    TABCMD Export option


      I Need to generate report based on user selections. My report is in this way

      A   10 20 30

      B   40 58 29

      C   38 47 39

      when I click on 10(Measure Value) of A, it goes to another dashboard which are displayed in this way

      A     aaa     5







      I have done this simple one using action filter. Now I need to export that second report in csv.

      When user clicks on "Click here to download" (I created a sheet) it should export in csv


      Can I do it in TABCMD??


      Can someone please suggest.


      Thanks in Advance !!

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Deepthi;


          My limited use of TABCMD suggests you can't get the results you're after when using an action filter to shape your data. This is because TABCMD will open a new instance of the viz and export the resulting data, so you might have a report showing everything or nothing (depending on how your 2nd report is defaulted). In other words: you'll lose your filter!


          You can certainly use TABCMD elements to set filters, but again-- I don't know of a way it can access the current data.


          If your user can SAVE his/her view so that the selections made are now the default view, you should be able to get the results you're after, but this is a cumbersome process and prone to error.


          One last thought: the user has the option of going to COMMENTS and taking a screenshot of the current viz, then sharing them with herself or other Server users by name. Perhaps this could be a creative work around?


          I have seen TABCMD used to automate the output of reports to large distribution lists. You can Google for this or check in the forums if you think it might suit your needs.


          Again, I'm no pro at using TABCMD on Server, so don't give up hope! --Michael


          P.S. Perhaps you want to take a step back and consider "Am I able to better to explain to the user how to export her data on the screen?" Just a thought!