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    Visualization for 4 Dimensions

    Jeshwanth Kundem

      I am relatively new to the tableau, been using on and off for over a year.


      I have the following data sheet, where the columns nomenclated from  RS - RP ( a total of 14 columns) come under something that I call as features.

      Each of the 14 columns have five different answers - not at all important, slightly important, moderately important, important, extremely important.


      Similarly, I have columns nomenclated as  BR - HVLP (6 columns) that come under something that I call as pump type.

      Each of these 6 columns have five different answers - Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Frequently, Always.


      I am struggling to create any visualization, where I can graph both pump type and features. It does not matter, if there are filters, or if there are multiple charts next to each other, all I am looking for is a way to come with a visualization.


      Previously, as per suggestions on this forum, I was able to pivot one of the dimension - features, recode the answers as (1 - 5), and individually visualize for each pump type. But not all pump types.

      Doing all the pump types is what I am after. Looking for any ideas or suggestions.


      Find attached file