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    Action filter in combination with LOD calculation?

    Nikolaus Rudak

      Hi together,


      currently, i´m building a Tableau dashboard and have encountered a problem which i was not able to solve yet.


      First of all, i would like to summarize my problem as follows:


      1. Let´s say, the data set consists of 3 columns: country, town and number of citizens.


      2. I would like to show the number of citizenson the y-axis vs the states and towns on the x-axis.


      3. Because in general we can have plenty of towns and some couple of countries, i would like to display

                     a) the number of citizens over all countries in the left sheet and

                     b) the number of citizens per country on the right sheet in the initial dashboard.


      4. Now by clicking on a single country on the right sheet, i would like to see the

                     a) the number of citizens for the selected country on the left sheet and

                     b) the number citizens of the corresponding towns for the selected country on the right sheet


      I tried to create a calculated field conditional on the selection of countries (by means of an action filter), more precisely a field that corresponds to the towns if a unique town was selected. Otherwise it corresponds to the countries. Unfortunately, i could not make it work.


      I hope that my problem is clear and would be very glad if you could support me to find a good solution.


      Thank you very much for your help in advance,