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    Fixed set calculation


      Hey Guys! I have a weird problem that I have been struggling with for several days now, and unfortunately the data is not public so I cannot post the workbook, however the concept isn't very complex. Say you have 10 offices, each of which have a goal for sales in each month (that stays the same all 12 months), and then the total sales they made in that month. What I am trying to find is percent of the goal that was made in only the top 6 months. So essentially, for our top 6 performing months what was our percent of goal. I have created a set that gets me the top 6 months, and my calculations work fine when filtered down to the individual office level, but when I am trying to show all of the offices at once to compare their top 6 months it is calculating it at the overall level and not for each office. I have tried LOD's and table calc's, but haven't been able to reach the magic combination I suppose...