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    Dimension tooltip persists into next dashboard

    Nigel Bloomfield

      We have a workbook with several dashboards.  If I click on the dimension name, instead of the bar chart next to it, I am taken to the next dashboard like I would expect.  But the dimension tooltip (I don't know what else to call it) from the previous dashboard appears in the middle of the page.  It won't go away until you move your mouse over the whole dashboard.  There is no consistent action that makes it go away.  It is really annoying because it is often in the way of information the user would like to see.

      It doesn't happen while building the dashboard in Tableau.  It only happens once it is uploaded to share online.  I have tried it in Chrome, IE, and Firefox.  It happens in all 3.  We are using Tableau version 2018.1.  Any Ideas on how to fix this?

      Tableau Dashboard Dimension Tooltip Issue.jpg