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    LOD Metrics that only include prior dates

    Kevin Hansen



      I have some metrics that I have created which use LOD expressions (primarily FIXED) in order to evaluate customer performance.


      For example, I use FIXED to find the average number of orders a customer places per quarter, and return a score if it is above or below a certain threshold.


      As I am using fixed, I can really only get one score per customer, but what I would like to do is see how customer scores have changed over time - to do this I think I need to have it so my FIXED calculation is only referencing data up to the date in view, so that if I put order date by quarter into view, I could see that the customer's average ordering has increased as they became more engaged...


      I understand this would work sort of like an unbounded preceding running average, but there are other metrics that I are calculating and showing so that I prefer not to have this built around table calculations..


      Let me know what you think!